Locus is a coalition of international development organizations, both public and private. Our members are dedicated to advancing solutions to global development challenges that are integrated, driven by local communities and built on shared measures. We believe these are key pillars of effective global development practice in the 21st century that will maximize development investments and impact.

Photo credit: Conservation International

Locus is taking a phased course of action on the above three pillars, starting with a focus on integrated development. We define the integrated approach to global development as one that intentionally links disciplines and sectors through partnerships that design and deliver inclusive programming to amplify impact and achieve sustainability.

However, international development programs often tackle the world’s most complex problems in a fragmented manner, with limited consideration of their interconnectedness. Experience tells us that such a “siloed” approach has limitations. It can also yield unintended negative consequences, such as:

  • Inefficient use of resources, due to competing priorities, interests or poor resource management.
  • Lack of accountability to and ownership by the communities that development initiatives aim to serve.
  • Limited understanding of local context and community needs.
  • A focus on changes that effect individuals, without a understanding of how sustainable improvements can improve systems and uplift entire communities.

With our initial focus on integrated development, Locus aims to add value to international development practice by:

  • Offering a space to exchange knowledge and information about the design, implementation and evaluation of integrated development initiatives.
  • Examining – and challenging – how development activities are funded and whether current financing models are helping or hindering integration.
  • Advancing evidence around when sector-specific versus integrated solutions may be most appropriate.
  • Using data to better inform integrated programs and decisions by donors.

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