Insights to Action – Convergent Action for Girls & Women: Emerging lessons from the field

On April 5th, Locus was invited to present alongside Locus member and event co-organizer, 3D Program for Girls and Women at the International Center for Research on Women. Ellie Price, Locus Coalition Coordinator, spoke on Locus’s collaborative efforts to break down knowledge and funding silos across organizations and disciplines in order to make possible the shift of power to the most vulnerable people in society. Geeta Rao Gupta, Executive Director of the 3D Program, shared recent insights from 3D’s emerging convergent programs in India. Ravi Verma, Regional Director of ICRW in India, expanded on this and highlighted challenges working across siloed government functions and the opportunities arising from convergence efforts. Sanyukta Mathur, Project Director for DREAMS Implementation Science, shared successes the DREAMS program has been able to support through applied research to empower adolescent girls and other youth.

A recording of the panel is available here. 

Event Invitation and Speaker Bios, from ICRW:

The lives of girls and women are multi-dimensional, comprised of complex and interrelated aspirations, needs and responsibilities. However, development programs often treat girls and women as unidimensional, providing services in silos that meet one need at a time and do not engage girls and women in a way that is empowering. By serving girls and women through siloed services, development programs fail to achieve optimal results and efficiencies, missing opportunities that have the potential to leverage changes that go beyond any one sector and can lead to both individual empowerment and broader social change. Join us to discuss the complexities and benefits of bringing together resources, innovations and systems across sectors to better serve girls and women.

The event is co-organized by ICRW & the 3D Program for Girls & Women.
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