Lessons Learned the Hard Way

The Sustainable Development Goals are an ambitious call to action, and the challenges they aim to overcome are nothing if not complex.

Our answer to the SDGs’ call must be those things, too. It must be big and bold. It must be comprehensive. It must recognize the complexity of poverty, of people’s lives and of the systems that impact them, for better or for worse.

This is what Locus and its member NGOs believe in—in innovative, evidence-based solutions to global development challenges that are integrated, driven by local communities and based on shared measures.

More important, this is what we practice.  The seven stories featured in our Lessons Learned the Hard Way  publication are just a few examples. From shifting power dynamics between small farmers and big companies in Vietnam, to learning from lobsters that changed women’s lives in Ecuador, we are truly doing development differently.

This kind of development is not easy. It involves risk, false starts, experimentation and re-calibration. It requires lots of listening and a dogged willingness to keep trying new things when plans don’t work out. It requires learning some lessons the hard way.

This is what we hope this collection of stories conveys. We hope you can see through our actions that we have the courage of our convictions. It may not always go smoothly, but we are doing the hard work of trying, and we are finding success. Through partnerships, and across sectors, we are forging a path to reach the Global Goals alongside the 767 million people around the world who remain challenged by poverty.
We hope you will find inspiration in these stories, and we hope you will join us.

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